Back-end development

Why engage in your own back-end development?

An outstanding user experience relies absolutely on the back-end development used to create it. Back-end development is the decisive factor when it comes to ensuring that the project can adapt to any situation. It is vital that the back-end elements provide the web host with maximum design freedom for specific requirements, so that the front-end also performs as desired. This creates the basis for a website that is fit to provide a targeted customer journey.

Everything from a single source: back-end development from Devsense

Cloud-based, powerful, scalable. Our team knows no compromises when it comes to back-end development. Every website has its own individual requirements and defined goals. This is why Devsense implements an extensive planning and design phase for each project. This allows us to combine strengths, avoid duplication and prepare for growth – all the critical success factors on which innovative, demanding projects depend.

All of our back-end development work takes place in-house. Every line of code, each API, is implemented against a background of unconditional focus on the customer What this means: A back-end designed by Devsense is simple to maintain, easily expandable and subject to the strictest quality control and security standards.

Time and resources are valuable.

If the market environment or internal necessities - such as an existing CMS - do not permit a the backend, we fall back on proven frameworks and suitable package managers. back. In this way, we streamline established systems without interrupting ongoing processes.

  • Consistent scalability
  • Secure cloud architecture
  • Proven frameworks